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Before and Afters

​Everyone loves a good before and after! One of my favorite parts of organizing is leaving my clients with something beautiful and functional. I love seeing a sense of calm wash over them. Smiles and relief replace hopelessness and stress.

I will help you de-clutter and de-stress and get organized.  A clean and organized space leads to more usable square footage, and more enjoyment and productivity. Let's bring beauty into your space so you will be proud to show it off to family and friends. And who knows where an organized life may lead!




Kind Words

My business thrives on your reviews and recommendations! Please click HERE to leave a review on my Facebook Page and HERE to leave a Google Review. You can also click to view all of my 5 star reviews! 

I truly appreciate your time and trust.

Clean Lines Organizing and Design has also been featured on, in Baltimore Style Magazine and Baltimore's Child Magazine. 

Keep reading below for over 50 five star reviews!


Lesley and her team are nothing short of magicians in the way they rolled through our home and brought common sense organization where there was a chaotic mess. We can find everything once again because it is clearly boxed, labeled and shelved. They actually created much more space in our closets and storage areas. In addition to being brilliant organizers, Leslie and her team are incredibly nice salt of the earth people and easy to work with. They came into our project after having completed an initial assessment and devised a master plan to organize. She implemented and completed her scope of services in exactly the timeframe and budget she proposed with little disruption to our day to day lives. I personally will recommend Leslie to all my friends. She is transformative! - Keith S.  


Lesley is a complete dream come true! She is the sweetest person and her work is perfection. She is so passionate about what she does and it shows. After moving to a new house, she and her amazing sisters helped unpack and organize our new home and helped us to create a system throughout the house. It looks amazing, it’s easy to maintain and even our kids enjoy keeping everything organized. They are truly the dream team! I learned so much too while they were here. Can’t wait for another project for her to do! - Brittany D.



Lesley is amazing! Lesley came to my house to organize my master bedroom closet that I share with my husband.
Lesley gave me several tips on how to maintain the closet. She also used my existing wood hangers throughout the closet which gave the closet a polished look. My shirts/blouses were organized by sleeve length (short to long sleeve) and color (light to dark). Shoes were stored in canvas-covered Cambridge Drop-Front Shoe Boxes that I purchased from The Container Store. The closet was cleaned. Dresses, jackets, slacks, tee shirts and workout clothing were hung or neatly folded. Lesley has a folding method that saves space and clothes look perfect. I’m thrilled with the final project! My closet is organized, clean, and clothing is easy to find. It’s been almost a month since the closet was organized, and the closet is super easy to maintain. I plan to use Lesley for other home organization projects. 
Many thanks Lesley! 
- Joyce H. 


Lesley is incredibly talented, efficient, creative & hardworking. She came highly recommended within the interior design world. I originally hired her to help organize my life’s worth of photographs. This was daunting to me & would’ve taken me at least a month to concur. Lesley was done in 4 hours!! All labeled & organized in perfect order. She won me over! Since then, Lesley has organized my entire storage room, kitchen pantry, master bedroom closet, spare bedroom closet & my sons apartment in DC! She is the absolute best!! what amazes me also is that she doesn’t take a brake. She brings her water & works diligently & efficiently!! - Mary S. 

I’ve been working with Lesley for over a year. My partner and I moved into a new house in December 2018. We were blending our households, merging our furniture and purging items that didn’t fit into our new life together. We hired Lesley to help with our closet, pantry, mud room, garage and organization of my home office. Lesley understood the challenges and was/is always helpful, supportive and skilled at maneuvering between two individuals to provide comfort and happiness for our desired spaces. She is a hard worker, doesn’t waste time and completes every project and has great follow up. I continue to work with Lesley as I enjoy having her in my home, I like her company and I can always find the next project for her to help us with! - Merrily U. 

Lesley has been a dream come true! She helped us understand the most efficient and practical way to organize our home. She turned small, cluttered storage spaces into beautiful, clean spaces that we love! The best part is the organizational skills she teaches you can be used time and time again! 10/10 would recommend!! Thanks Lesley!! - Brittany N. 

Lesley has been a "game changer" within my client's home. She is thorough, detailed, and lighting fast at getting the job done".
Looking forward to having her leave her mark on my home.
Thank you so much ! - Andrew L.


There aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe the amazing work Lesley has done to help organize our home. She has miraculously transformed our once cluttered and crowded basement into a beautiful space where we enjoy spending time. I hope she has before and after photos to share because the result is truly amazing. From our first meeting, Lesley felt like a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time who just happened to arrive at my front door smiling and energized to organize my life. Not only does she come prepared to work, but she also has a special talent for seeing the final result, as well as the path to get there. Presented with an unbelievably cluttered cleaning closet, Lesley quickly assessed, sorted, tossed and transformed it into a beautiful picture of perfection with labeled shelves. I kept opening it just to look and make sure it wasn’t a dream. Lesley and CleanLines Organizing receive my highest recommendation and I can’t wait to have her back to tackle another project. -Melanie M.



I feel quite honored to have the opportunity to write a review for Lesley, particularly because her extraordinary organizational skills and services have helped my family and me so incredibly much since we first began working with her almost a year ago.We initially contacted Lesley to help my daughter organize her room and closet…a difficult and long overdue project. The results were not only amazing at the time, but Lesley also helped to encourage and inspire my daughter to live a more organized and less cluttered lifestyle…and her room and closet are still clean and organized to this day! Thereafter, one successful project led to another and Lesley has now organized almost every room in my house. Additionally, because Lesley’s scope of offered services is so broad, she has really helped me in my business as well. Every project on which Lesley has worked has been executed with a clear and impressive vision and has always exceeded expectations.Not only is Lesley extremely trustworthy and professional, but she is a very nice person too! I could not possibly recommend Lesley and Clean Lines more highly for all organizing and design needs! - Michael W. 

Lesley is truly amazing! She created order from chaos and cleaned and hauled away donation/trash items. I would hire her again. She is also very reasonably priced and extremely responsive. - Shirley C.


Wow is the best way I can describe Lesley and her services. My husband is very neat and I am not. We had discussed redoing our master closets several times over the years but were discouraged by the work we thought it would take. Then I found Lesley and within our first meeting, we were well on our way to a brand new spaces. My husband was convinced it wouldn’t make that much of a difference and now, after it’s all done, he is beyond thrilled and wished we had started sooner. He even thinks I’m organized now! Since completing the master closet project, we have now started attacking every closet in the home! Lesley gets that not everyone wants it the same way and works with us to make each closet or space work for the person using it the most so that it stays organized. She spent a full day with my college age daughter to help her get her room right here and my daughter took that knowledge back to school with her to keep her room organized there! I look forward to the days Lesley is coming so I can see a new transformation! Highly recommend her services. - Lisa H.



My office had grown unusable, filled with papers and books and a surprising amount of just useless junk. In only a few hours, the office was organized, and my stuff had been sorted into usable piles (here are electronics, here are school supplies, etc) which have been really quick to go through. This was worth far more than I paid. - Seth R. 



I work from home and receive a lot of collateral from my company. I called Lesley to help make heads and tails of everything and assist with creating an office space to organize my storage. Lesley was able to assess quickly and make useful recommendations on what shelves, file cabinet, and desk to buy. She also found a stunning Ikea box shelf unit that holds dual purpose of organizing and designing my space. It creates a natural flow and separation from the office area to the other half of the room. It looks great and is very functional.
I needed help to get the process moving and these recommendations saved me quite a bit of time and headache!
The best thing about Lesley is that she accomplishes so much in such little time. It really is amazing. I'm grateful for her service because I have been able to keep up with the system she put in place and it constantly saves me time and eliminates stress.
I highly recommend working with Clean Lines Organizing and Design. I've had three sessions with Lesley and am getting ready to book another. Taking advantage of Lesley's talent is absolutely money well spent! -
Heather B.


I was very impressed with the work that Lesley did at my home. She unpacked, organized, and decorated my apartment. Her creative abilities are amazing. I was completely at ease and comfortable with this whole process due to Lesley's helpful nature and wonderful personality. She paid attention to my needs and tailored her talents to meet those needs and my preferences. My home looks terrific, beautifully organized and everything is easy to find. Lesley taught me how to keep my home looking this way and I'm grateful for that. Making the decision to do this was a great one and I couldn't be happier that I found Lesley. I would enjoy working with her again on other projects. -Liz C. 



Lesley was so great to work with. I have a busy dual physician household and have had to temporarily relocate to Baltimore for work. My spouse is staying in our old home and because of this I needed to fully furnish an entire apartment. Lesley helped me to buy everything for the kitchens and bathrooms before I came; I sent her a list of must need items and she added to that list and reminded me of things I would probably need. She did all the shopping before hand at various department stores and then she came in before I arrived unpacked; hand washed all appliances , put everything away and set up bathrooms. I can’t tell you how nice it was to have all the essentials- like a wine opener on move day:). Lesley also helped me to unpack and organize all of my clothes- this included hanging and color coordinating and folding and helping me to best utilize my dresser spaces. She also bought organizational supplies for my office; and stocked my kitchen and home with all the cleaning supplies I needed! She was beyond professional and really went above and beyond, checking in to see how the packing process was going, giving me several recommendations for things I liked- from restaurants to workout places etc! I actually spoke to a few organizers before I chose Lesley and the thing that made her stand out was when I told her all of the things I needed and how I wanted to avoid extra stress she really listened and came up with a very thoughtful and thorough game plan; which she promptly sent me after our conversation. She did not disappoint in fulfilling the expectations she laid out. Also she works very quickly! Which is nice because the fees for her service are on the higher end (but well worth it). Moving can be so stressful but this has been my best and easiest move yet. I highly recommend Lesley and clean lines organizing - Michelle O.




She was amazing! She organized everything! She put away my clothing, cleaned up my crafting supplies, she even let ME fold some and taught ME how to hang-up t-shirts! -Noah, age 8



Lesley's work is so amazing! I cannot recommend her highly enough. I don't even know where to begin in describing how impactful she has been in helping us restore peace and order in our home. We live in a modest home with 3 young kids and are 2 busy working professionals. It has been a serious struggle trying to keep things clean and organized. For years I thought it was about our cleaning skills and we would exhaust ourselves (unsuccessfully) in cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. But in a little under 5 hours Lesley's services helped on a much, much deeper level than cleaning ever did. We worked in our kitchen one day and then she returned on another day and tackled the living room. I went from frustrated and overwhelmed to honestly loving our home again. It has been almost 3 months since she has helped us and because she made such effective but simple changes, we have been able to maintain the order and organization she established. Her services are 100% worth the time and financial resources for the ongoing time, energy and emotional returns that you'll get for months to come! - Adrienne M.



Lesley is absolutely amazing! She organized my basement and did a wonderful job. She was incredibly easy to work with, super fast and very professional. I highly recommend and will definitely be a repeat customer! - Stephanie W. 




I first met Lesley 17 years ago when we were both elementary school teachers, and got to know her much better when she joined my coaching staff for a local high school field hockey team. She has always impressed me as a remarkably organized and creative person with an eye for style and detail. I can shamelessly admit that I have copied so many of her ideas, tricks and techniques - from the way I now organize my pantry to the paint colors I've chosen for my own home. I learn so much from her every time we are together.
This past summer, Lesley agreed to join me on a weekend trip to Atlanta with the goal of helping my sister organize a few specific troublesome areas in her home. Lesley not only completed the 2-3 tasks that were on the TO DO list, she willingly tackled several other projects that caught her eye during the course of the weekend. My sister could not have been more pleased with Lesley's work and commented on her exceptional dedication to the task and professionalism in all regards.
Lesley will do more than organize a room, clean out a closet, or develop a process for you. She will simplify your life and deliver a sense of calm. Priceless! -
Amy T. 



The clutter in my house just got away from me and I didn't know where to start! Lesley is so wonderful to work with - she's extremely efficient, a quick decision maker, and full of ideas to help organize! When I come home now, I feel so relaxed and at peace. A world of difference! - Suzanne B.



Lesley is simply amazing! A little about me: I am a young professional, working two jobs... let's just say I spend more time out of my home than in and somehow in the past year I've over-indulged in a shopping habit... leaving my beautiful home in a beautiful mess (lol). Long story short, I started a search for a cleaning/organizing company to assist. I spent roughly two days searching for a company that could provide me with what I needed. I looked for efficiency, experience, pricing and confidentiality/trust. Trust being most important! To allow a stranger into your personal space with your belongings can be nerve-racking. I finally selected Lesley, Clean Lines Organizing & Design, because of her commitment to her services. Her website provided before & after pics which really illustrated her craft/skills with organization. It was scary welcoming her into my home, in fear of judgment. However, Lesley was completely professional and was able to provide an assessment of things needed such as hangers, storage bins, large trash bags, etc. I shared with her my budget and we made necessary changes to accommodate. Overall the experience was amazing!!!! Being indecisive is one of my flaws, and Lesley was very patient and flexible. As far as the finished look, I couldn't be more pleased! Being disorganized is very overwhelming and Lesley truly brought a peace back into my life :) - Rikky H.



I am a naturally messy person and had gone through some serious situations recently, such as 3 moves in 2 years. It had gotten to the point where I moved an apartments worth of stuff into my room. I had no vision for how the room should be organized.
I called Lesley and she came over to do an evaluation. She let me know approximately how long cleaning would take and what I had to purchase prior to the cleaning. I did all my homework and then we began a week later. Lesley arrived on time and we went to work immediately. We first started by organizing an immense amount of my jewelry. We also rearranged my room. Lesley vacuumed every space before we put furniture in the space. The results are incredible. I'm not kidding, you can ask my siblings. They used to tease me about my room and now they keep saying, "it's so clean and organized!" I come home everyday, kick off my shoes and I get to relax. In the morning, I wake up and I am no longer having anxiety about how messy my space is. It is such a relief. I completely recommend Lesley! -
Jennifer G. 



Lesley did great and transformative work. She is an organizational genius! - Colin N.


Lesley at Clean Lines Organizing & Design is an absolute pleasure to work with and her work is amazing! In a couple hours she took my jam packed mess of a pantry and made it Pinterest worthy. Not only that but she gave it a thorough cleaning. She saved us $$ because we thought we needed to build/buy a new style of pantry. She was able to work with the layout & containers that we had - no expensive items needed. She completely cleaned up the whole kitchen and made sure every item had a home before leaving. I highly recommend her for any organizing job! - Katie C. 


Lesley is a subject matter expert when it comes to organizing and she will help and teach you how to make your home or disorganized space into looking like a high end clothing store or office. - Lola D. 



Lesley is efficient, professional and extremely personable! You will wonder why you waited so long to get organized. - Alan P. 


I initially hired Lesley to organize my home, and then had her come weekly to maintain it. What she did with my house is absolutely incredible. On her own, she priced and presented me with options to install closet hardware. I gave her my credit card and she took care of all the details. I now have a beautiful closet with built-in storage. She single-handedly envisioned and enacted the creation of a beautiful, serene, Asian-themed open room from a space where I had mostly unnecessary stuff in piles. She even painted some walls, and provided nice little touches that a single guy (or at least this slob) never would consider. She's the best! - Mitch   G.

Lesley worked with me on several occasions doing organizing and decorating. From the moment Lesley came into my home she was amazing. She worked quickly and organized my pantry, master closet, and both of my children's rooms. We worked together on decorating my home and her ideas meshed very well with my style. I wanted my house to feel welcoming and comfortable and we really achieved that goal. When she worked on my son's room I let her have free reign. She rearranged the furniture, hung pictures,  organized the closet, and turned it in to a room any 14 year old would have loved to call their hangout space. When my son saw what she had done he instantly fell in love with his room. Lesley helped me select furniture for my husband's man cave, suggested types of wall art for a few blank areas in my house, and will be coming to help me decorate for the holidays. If you choose to hire Lesley I do not think you will be disappointed. She is punctual, extremely professional, and very talented. I have recommended her to my neighbors. I feel very lucky to have found her as she truly helped me make a house our home. Thank you for considering Lesley for your organizing and decorating needs and for asking for my opinion. - Nancy W.

I cannot recommend Lesley strongly enough.  I am a successful lawyer with virtually zero organizational skills and a huge tolerance for clutter.  No lie.  Therefore, I have learned to surround myself with people who can supplement my executive functioning and organizational weaknesses.  What Lesley did to my house was nothing short of miraculous.  If she doesn’t have photos to show you, I can find them on my Facebook page and send them to you.  She asked what my thoughts and wishes were for the appearance of my home, and I basically said that it was completely up to her.  Her speed, efficiency and attention to detail are astounding, and I came home each day to find another room transformed.  I finally agreed to let her do my closet, and she came to me with a variety of detailed plans.  We made some changes to the plans and she took care of everything.  I just gave her my credit card information and viola! What astounds me the most about Lesley’s work is that she actually enjoys it.  She derives pleasure from transforming environments, and I figure that must be an art school thing.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me.  Good luck. - Mitchell G.

As an already rather organized individual, hiring Lesley to help me organize my whole house may have seemed unneeded. However, my experience in receiving her expertise and guidance on how to max out space and organize things together has gone above and beyond what I invested in how I feel when I go into any room, drawer or space in my home. My entire house feels better and it feels so amazing to let go of things that we no longer use or need and give it to charity. - Rebecca M.



Lesley is awesome, a life saver. She did my closets and not only did she make them functional she made them beautiful. A project that I could not wrap my head around; she made it look so easy. I will always call Lesley to the rescue when needed. She is very professional and she has a wonderful personality. I would definitely recommend her when one needs help in getting organized. - Rachael  R.




I am a stay-at-home mom with two young girls and a newborn. My husband reached out to Lesley a couple months before the baby was born after I was complaining about the disorganization of all the toys, books, etc. and not having the time needed to organize the kids’ rooms for the baby’s arrival. I was skeptical at first, thinking I just may have the time to get things together at some point, but ultimately would not have and am so incredibly thankful for Lesley’s service. Lesley came out for a consultation and reassured me she could help. She is timely, friendly and professional. She recommended shelving and storage bins which we purchased before her first visit.

Our first task for her was to move my 2-year old out of the baby’s room, in with her big sister. She worked quickly and efficiently to organize the girls’ clothes in their dresser and neatly stored clothes for the future in clear labeled bins. She organized all the new baby’s clothes into labeled storage bins and packed up the clothes the girls had outgrown. She also organized the many books we had strewn across the floor, by color, onto a new book shelf. I was impressed. We then asked her to tackle the toys. She pulled all the toys from the whole house into the basement and asked us to purge. Once we got rid of what we could, she came back and proceeded to organize everything into labeled bins. She even involved my 4-year old in the effort and had her draw pictures on the bins for easy identification. I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of getting the toys organized and Lesley did it effortlessly. If you are thinking of reaching out to Lesley, I highly recommend it. Her help has changed our day-to-day organization routine. I enjoy everything having a place and the girls can now enjoy their toys since things are together. It has also helped me to teach them about the importance of being organized and how to better pick up after themselves. Thank you, Lesley! - Stacie  M.


Lesley and I have worked together since I moved to Harford County in August of 2015. She has organized, decorated, cleaned, and made my life so much easier. Today she organized and cleaned my garage. She never fails to impress me with her ideas, hard work, and design sense. Lesley is worth her weight in gold. She takes my vision of what I want my house to look like and turns it in to reality. I have had her decorate my home for the holidays the last 3 years and I will ask her to help me again this year. She is the best! - Nancy V.

Lesley is awesome! She took on a massive project in organizing our basement and made it look great. She also tackled our kitchen and now the flow is much better, so it seems easier to keep clean. She is very efficient and took about half the time I would have expected on each room. I highly recommend Lesley! - Louisa M.


Lesley has done several "organizations" for me. After 32 years in the same home her assistance at helping me downsize my "stuff" and reorganizing it for what works best for me was accomplished in record time. I recommend her highly. - Terrie O.


Lesley has done several "organizations" for me. After 32 years in the same home her assistance at helping me downsize my "stuff" and reorganizing it for what works best for me was accomplished in record time. I recommend her highly. - Peggy A. 

Great attention to detail! Very accommodating and a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend! - Debbie W.

Lesley is amazing, her attention to detail and ability to see what others don't see is magical! She is keeping our AirBNB on point before each guest arrives and we have been getting getting reviews! - Katie R.

Working with Lesley in my home made an incredible difference in SO many ways!! I feel the most organized and clear headed than ever before and my whole family knows where everything belongs and where to find anything ALL of the time! I highly recommend Lesley's services! - Rebecca M. 


I know people say this all the time but I promise that I do not write reviews (am not a good writer) but the service we received from Clean Lines Organizing deserves a definite shout out!

Clean Lines Organizing (Lesley) went above and beyond in helping us with our closets! We were moving into a new construction home and elected not to go with the standard issue closets (number of reasons). Lesley and I went to high school together and our mom's are Scrabble buddies! I remembered some of the FB posts of her work and was impressed and jealous she did not live closer! Nonetheless I reached out to her for assistance with six closets (cannot believe we will have six closets - admitting excessive) in hopes she could help me from afar. I am forever grateful for her help and attention to detail.

Not only was she prompt in responding to my million inquiries but she was patient and kind through out the process! We were working under a deadline so that we could receive the discount the company was offering at the time and I could not seem to get the measurements right! We also had a few logistical issues that came up with our move in date and delivery time and place. We were very satisfied how she handled and solved all of these logistics. I cannot imagine what I would have come up with and/or had to pay to fix my mistakes.

Thank you Clean Lines Organizing! - Kristen R. 

Just call Lesley immediately! I can not explain the feeling you’ll have after she’s completed helping you with whatever it is you need. I had tried to organize multiple spaces and failed miserably every time. Lesley made the process so easy...and quick! Additionally, she might be one of the easiest people to work with. It feels like you’re just hanging out with a friend or family member while working on your space(s). She’s flexible and has great ideas as well! Don’t hesitate in reaching out to Lesley, you’ll be so happy you did and love the work!- KB

After almost 2 years of searching, my fiancé and I recently purchased a new home. While the move was difficult, the unpacking, especially the combining of two households into one seemed like an impossible task. To exacerbate things further, my fiancé had a large walk-in closet in her own home and our new home, while awesome, had a closet one third the size.
Luckily she brought Lesley in to bring a careful eye to the task of organizing our kitchen and bedroom. Where our kitchen unpacking had mainly concentrated on getting things out of boxes and we had delayed moving into our bedroom (do you really want to negotiate with your significant other over who gets which drawers and how much of the closet each person needs?), Lesley was able to remove the stress from the move and bring order to our lives.
Kitchenware that we never thought would fit was now properly organized, grouped, and positioned based upon how the kitchen would be used and what needed to be accessed daily vs. seldom. Difficult to reach shelves were made valuable without requiring a step stool or losing items in the back (I won’t reveal her tricks). Labels reminded us where things went and ensured we wouldn’t undo her organization and most importantly we were able to see our kitchen as a place we could enjoy cooking rather than a looming task we might never get to.
In the bedroom, my fiancé simply left her clothes in the moving containers. When she returned, everything was organized into drawers, the smaller closet somehow managed to fit everything it needed to and all of my stuff was given equal consideration as well. Once again, some tricks were used to leverage space that I never would have thought of and everything was labeled, but most importantly everything just made sense. I never would have brought in someone with Lesley skills to help with our unpacking (it’s just taking things out of boxes, right?) but doing so allowed us to start out on the right foot in our house, leverage the space in ways we never would have thought of and allow us to enjoy our new home sooner. If you’re looking at your mounds of stuff, whether in boxes from a move, or accumulated through years of neglect, Lesley is the fastest way to fix it.
- Gary K.

Lesley was so wonderful to work with, from start to finish! I am Type A to a tee; I had a very specific look I was going for, a list of items and styles that I did not like, and a pretty strict budget I needed to adhere to. Lesley was patient throughout the entire process, extremely responsive, and respectful of our needs. She designed our pantry and linen closet, and even drove to Delaware to pick the items up for us so that we wouldn’t need to pay taxes. She came to our home, delivered the items, and completely the closet reorganizations in under 2 hours. I still can’t believe how affordable she was for all that she provided, and we can’t wait to hire her again when we move!- Kelsey B.


I was very happy with Lesley’s professionalism, beautiful design, her accessibility and her work ethic! The day of the organization of the food pantry went smoothly and quickly. She is like the “Energizer Bunny”! She made our cluttered and messy pantry into a work of art!!! Everyone who sees it is blown away, especially those who saw it before! Before Lesley, this pantry was a major stress for me and other family members. We are a uniquely blended family that consist of myself and my husband, his 16 year old daughter and my brother in law and his wife. Their 5 children range between 5 and 16! Yes we are the Patchwork Family as we like to say.:) Being a Party of 10, 9 or sometimes 5 depending on the children’s time away with other parent. This makes for constantly changing “Pantry” traffic and challenges of keeping it organized! I can chill now that everything has a place and the family is learning where to locate things. This was the most exciting home improvement project and the only professional organization project I’ve ever experienced and it was so quickly achieved! I’ll be calling on Lesley again for a laundry room design. Patchwork Family needs some help there next! I have no problem recommending her services to anyone looking for a professional job done by a very nice lady and it was so affordable! Thank you Lesley for making my life less stressful!- Debra B.

Lesley is amazing at what she does! Worth every penny! She is super accommodating, friendly and comes in with a great outlook, ideas, and within a few hours completely transforms a space. The spaces she designed and organized are incredible. Look forward to working with her again in the future!- Alexis H.

Had a truly wonderful experience working with Lesley! She guided me through the design and ordering process with my custom closet and had amazing suggestions and guidance! She is professional, thoughtful, and efficient! Not to mention--a total sweetheart! I recommend her to my interior design clients and friends! Thank you, Lesley!!- Caroline D.

Lesley did such an amazing job helping me organize my apartment. For years I could just never seem to get organized. I'm constantly misplacing things and was surrounded by clutter. I knew that it was time to find someone to help me because I was finding no success doing it on my own. After researching many professional organization websites I found Lesley and I'm so glad I did. The plan was to help me organize my closet, bathroom and kitchen which we completed in 2 sessions. She went above and beyond. Not only did she organize those areas but she also helped me organize my bedroom. She emptied out all my drawers and refolded all my clothes one by one and neatly organized them. She also donated things that I didn't want to goodwill and recommended furniture pieces I could buy to provide more storage. The kitchen was my favorite part since I spend most of my time in this area. Everything came out so nice and we even created a personal tea drawer for me which I loved. She was so nice and professional. In our first session we worked for 5 hours decluttering and organizing my bathroom and closet. I would have never had the patience to do this on my own. She provided me so many helpful tips to continue to stay organized. After we completed both projects it was such a relief to come home to a house that was so clean and organized. I would highly recommend Lesley if you need help organizing your space!- Leilani E.

I was amazed by Lesleys professionalism and keen attention to details. She was fast and saved me a tonne of time and energy trying to unpack and organize all of my belongings into a very tiny studio apartment. I don't know what I would have done without her help! It was like a Tetris game trying to get everything to fit in a nice way - and she was able to do it with ease! I also really enjoyed her company, she is a pleasure to be around and is a lot of fun! Best money I've spent in a long time. If you're thinking about it, just do it - you won't regret it!- Amy H. 

Lesley came to the rescue when my family was two weeks away from final settlement on the sale of my mother-in-law's house. In less than 90 days, my husband and I set out to clear away over 30 years of possessions. We got through the bulk of it, but then there was the inevitable debris. Just stuff, lots and lots of stuff, that had to be repurposed, resold, given away or thrown out. We were exhausted and there was still SO much to do. Lesley came highly recommended and the woman moves like lightening. She can size up any room, any closet, any drawer and offer 2-3 options for getting it out. I'm not exactly sure how she does it, all I know is that she could clean out 3 times the square footage in one hour that it took my husband and I one day to accomplish. Highly recommend. She is coming to my house next.- Kelly K.

I love Lesley! She is great. She can completely organize your house without input, but she is very receptive to suggestions based on how you use items. She also understands that it can be very hard to get rid of the “stuff” in our lives. I have ADHD, but she kept me on track until we finished each part of the project. I love that she takes everything away at the end of the day to the dump or charity—that way those items don’t just sit in my house until I remember to get rid of them. Everyone says: find a home for everything. my biggest take away from working with Lesley is that it’s good to have a place for everything, but it’s better to label that place. This has been very helpful in my overflow pantry in the garage. That way I can put everything back where it goes. Thank you Lesley. Your work made a huge difference in the quality of my life.- Suzanne P.

Wonder woman! I moved all the odds and ends one somehow can collect in a six room house from toothpaste to technical papers to treasured souvenirs and tried to fit them into one decent sized storeroom. They kind of fit but I could access very little. Although she tried, Lesley didn’t convince me to dispose of much. So she organized and labelled and shelved and boxed and everything is accessible and usable. It‘s my favorite room!- Richard B.

I have had Lesley organize both of my homes . She’s extremely talented and amazes me with the space provided turns each area into a beautiful masterpiece. I highly recommend her ! I myself search Pinterest, read books and think ahhh I can do this on my own/ NO ! Hire Lesley and you’ll be amazed. - Kate K. 

Lesley is amazing!!! She came into my house and within 4 hours completely reorganized my kitchen cabinets and pantry closets. She created systems that are easy to follow and maintain. She is a complete pleasure to work along side with who had great suggestions. I felt like such a weight was lifted off my shoulders having a perfectly organized home. My husband couldn’t believe his eyes when he came home and saw what we had accomplished. I highly recommend her!- Donna A. 

I was very lucky to find Lesley. She deserves every 5 star review above and more!!! She is an amazing, get the job done kind of person, while being kind, companionate and totally nonjudgmental at the same time, She puts you at easy and keeps you on track and before you know it you have a beautiful space with a place for everything..... And she makes it easy to keep that way too. Everything is labeled and makes sense where it goes.
She put my apartment straight in 3 days, nonstop and the first day she stayed two and a half hours late because we where on a roll and I was ready to keep going. She is a complete lifesaver. I had two very stressful and busy years and somehow my clutter and trash got away from me. It happened so fast and I was so overwhelmed and embarrassed.
She came and jumped right in....I had no idea even where begin. She knows how to start, what you need to keep going, bins, hangers, baskets, cleaning supplies and she brings it all with her...and she labels everything. With her eye for deign she helped me pick out some new things, new living room rug, new couch, new pretty I have a whole new stylish, tasteful and beautiful apartment, that I am proud to show off. Thank you Lesley.
I can only imagine she would be an incredible wedding and party planer, with her organizational skills you wouldn't worry about missing anything, her style will make it so beautiful and her calm peaceful demeanor would keep you at peace so you could enjoy your event.
So, I highly recommend Lesley Deyesu, for whatever your needs, and be ready to be amazed (life changing) and have a great new place/space to live in or a fabulous wedding/party to attend, you be glad you did
- Hale H. 

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